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public class: DLSRegion [javadoc | source]
This class is used to store region parts for instrument. A region has a velocity and key range which it response to. And it has a list of modulators/articulators which is used how to synthesize a single voice. It is stored inside a "rgn " List Chunk inside DLS files.
Field Summary
public static final  int OPTION_SELFNONEXCLUSIVE     
protected  List<DLSModulator> modulators     
protected  int keyfrom     
protected  int keyto     
protected  int velfrom     
protected  int velto     
protected  int options     
protected  int exclusiveClass     
protected  int fusoptions     
protected  int phasegroup     
protected  long channel     
protected  DLSSample sample     
protected  DLSSampleOptions sampleoptions     
Method from Summary:
getChannel,   getExclusiveClass,   getFusoptions,   getKeyfrom,   getKeyto,   getModulators,   getOptions,   getPhasegroup,   getSample,   getSampleoptions,   getVelfrom,   getVelto,   setChannel,   setExclusiveClass,   setFusoptions,   setKeyfrom,   setKeyto,   setModulators,   setOptions,   setPhasegroup,   setSample,   setSampleoptions,   setVelfrom,   setVelto
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Method from Detail:
 public long getChannel() 
 public int getExclusiveClass() 
 public int getFusoptions() 
 public int getKeyfrom() 
 public int getKeyto() 
 public List<DLSModulator> getModulators() 
 public int getOptions() 
 public int getPhasegroup() 
 public DLSSample getSample() 
 public DLSSampleOptions getSampleoptions() 
 public int getVelfrom() 
 public int getVelto() 
 public  void setChannel(long channel) 
 public  void setExclusiveClass(int exclusiveClass) 
 public  void setFusoptions(int fusoptions) 
 public  void setKeyfrom(int keyfrom) 
 public  void setKeyto(int keyto) 
 public  void setModulators(List<DLSModulator> modulators) 
 public  void setOptions(int options) 
 public  void setPhasegroup(int phasegroup) 
 public  void setSample(DLSSample sample) 
 public  void setSampleoptions(DLSSampleOptions sampleOptions) 
 public  void setVelfrom(int velfrom) 
 public  void setVelto(int velto)