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static class: DirectAudioDevice.DirectDLI [javadoc | source]
Private inner class for the DataLine.Info objects adds a little magic for the isFormatSupported so that the automagic conversion of endianness and sign does not show up in the formats array. I.e. the formats array contains only the formats that are really supported by the hardware, but isFormatSupported() also returns true for formats with wrong endianness.
Field Summary
 AudioFormat[] hardwareFormats     
Method from$DirectDLI Summary:
Methods from javax.sound.sampled.DataLine$Info:
getFormats,   getMaxBufferSize,   getMinBufferSize,   isFormatSupported,   matches,   toString
Methods from javax.sound.sampled.Line$Info:
getLineClass,   matches,   toString
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Method from$DirectDLI Detail:
 public boolean isFormatSupportedInHardware(AudioFormat format)