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public class: JDK13Services [javadoc | source]
JDK13Services uses the Service class in JDK 1.3 to discover a list of service providers installed in the system. This class is public because it is called from javax.sound.midi.MidiSystem and javax.sound.sampled.AudioSystem. The alternative would be to make JSSecurityManager public, which is considered worse.
Method from Summary:
getDefaultInstanceName,   getDefaultProviderClassName,   getProviders,   setCachingPeriod
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Method from Detail:
 public static synchronized String getDefaultInstanceName(Class typeClass) 
    Obtain the instance name part of a default provider property.
 public static synchronized String getDefaultProviderClassName(Class typeClass) 
    Obtain the provider class name part of a default provider property.
 public static synchronized List getProviders(Class serviceClass) 
    Obtains a List containing installed instances of the providers for the requested service. The List of providers is cached for the period of time given by cachingPeriod . During this period, the same List instance is returned for the same type of provider. After this period, a new instance is constructed and returned. The returned List is immutable.
 public static  void setCachingPeriod(int seconds) 
    Set the period provider lists are cached. This method is only intended for testing.