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public class: MidiDeviceTransmitterEnvelope [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

Helper class which allows to convert {@code Transmitter} to {@code MidiDeviceTransmitter}.
 public MidiDeviceTransmitterEnvelope(MidiDevice device,
    Transmitter transmitter) 
    Creates a new {@code MidiDeviceTransmitterEnvelope} object which envelops the specified {@code Transmitter} and is owned by the specified {@code MidiDevice}.
    device - the owner {@code MidiDevice}
    transmitter - the {@code Transmitter} to be enveloped
Method from Summary:
close,   getMidiDevice,   getReceiver,   getTransmitter,   setReceiver
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Method from Detail:
 public  void close() 
 public MidiDevice getMidiDevice() 
 public Receiver getReceiver() 
 public Transmitter getTransmitter() 
    Obtains the transmitter enveloped by this {@code MidiDeviceTransmitterEnvelope} object.
 public  void setReceiver(Receiver receiver)