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public class: ModelPerformer [javadoc | source]
This class is used to define how to synthesize audio in universal maner for both SF2 and DLS instruments.
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getConnectionBlocks,   getExclusiveClass,   getKeyFrom,   getKeyTo,   getName,   getOscillators,   getUserObject,   getVelFrom,   getVelTo,   isDefaultConnectionsEnabled,   isReleaseTriggered,   isSelfNonExclusive,   setConnectionBlocks,   setDefaultConnectionsEnabled,   setExclusiveClass,   setKeyFrom,   setKeyTo,   setName,   setReleaseTriggered,   setSelfNonExclusive,   setUserObject,   setVelFrom,   setVelTo
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Method from Detail:
 public List<ModelConnectionBlock> getConnectionBlocks() 
 public int getExclusiveClass() 
 public int getKeyFrom() 
 public int getKeyTo() 
 public String getName() 
 public List<ModelOscillator> getOscillators() 
 public Object getUserObject() 
 public int getVelFrom() 
 public int getVelTo() 
 public boolean isDefaultConnectionsEnabled() 
 public boolean isReleaseTriggered() 
 public boolean isSelfNonExclusive() 
 public  void setConnectionBlocks(List<ModelConnectionBlock> connectionBlocks) 
 public  void setDefaultConnectionsEnabled(boolean addDefaultConnections) 
 public  void setExclusiveClass(int exclusiveClass) 
 public  void setKeyFrom(int keyFrom) 
 public  void setKeyTo(int keyTo) 
 public  void setName(String name) 
 public  void setReleaseTriggered(boolean value) 
 public  void setSelfNonExclusive(boolean selfNonExclusive) 
 public  void setUserObject(Object object) 
 public  void setVelFrom(int velFrom) 
 public  void setVelTo(int velTo)