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public class: ModelStandardTransform [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

A standard transformer used in connection blocks. It expects input values to be between 0 and 1. The result of the transform is between 0 and 1 if polarity = unipolar and between -1 and 1 if polarity = bipolar. These constraints only applies to Concave, Convex and Switch transforms.
Field Summary
public static final  boolean DIRECTION_MIN2MAX     
public static final  boolean DIRECTION_MAX2MIN     
public static final  boolean POLARITY_UNIPOLAR     
public static final  boolean POLARITY_BIPOLAR     
public static final  int TRANSFORM_LINEAR     
public static final  int TRANSFORM_CONCAVE     
public static final  int TRANSFORM_CONVEX     
public static final  int TRANSFORM_SWITCH     
public static final  int TRANSFORM_ABSOLUTE     
 public ModelStandardTransform() 
 public ModelStandardTransform(boolean direction) 
 public ModelStandardTransform(boolean direction,
    boolean polarity) 
 public ModelStandardTransform(boolean direction,
    boolean polarity,
    int transform) 
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getDirection,   getPolarity,   getTransform,   setDirection,   setPolarity,   setTransform,   transform
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Method from Detail:
 public boolean getDirection() 
 public boolean getPolarity() 
 public int getTransform() 
 public  void setDirection(boolean direction) 
 public  void setPolarity(boolean polarity) 
 public  void setTransform(int transform) 
 public double transform(double value)