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class: RealTimeSequencer.DataPump [javadoc | source]
class that does the actual dispatching of events, used to be in native in MMAPI
Method from$DataPump Summary:
chaseEvents,   clearNoteOnCache,   getTempoFactor,   getTempoMPQ,   getTickPos,   hasCachedTempo,   init,   muteSoloChanged,   notesOff,   pump,   resetLoopCount,   setSequence,   setTempoFactor,   setTempoMPQ,   setTickPos
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Method from$DataPump Detail:
 synchronized  void chaseEvents(long startTick,
    long endTick) 
    chase controllers and program for all tracks
  void clearNoteOnCache() 
 float getTempoFactor() 
 float getTempoMPQ() 
 long getTickPos() 
 boolean hasCachedTempo() 
 synchronized  void init() 
 synchronized  void muteSoloChanged() 
  void notesOff(boolean doControllers) 
 synchronized boolean pump() 
    the main pump method
 synchronized  void resetLoopCount() 
 synchronized  void setSequence(Sequence seq) 
 synchronized  void setTempoFactor(float factor) 
 synchronized  void setTempoMPQ(float tempoMPQ) 
 synchronized  void setTickPos(long tickPos)