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Sub Packages:



HttpHandler   A handler which is invoked to process HTTP exchanges.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

Authenticator   Authenticator represents an implementation of an HTTP authentication mechanism.  code | html
Authenticator.Result   Base class for return type from authenticate() method  code | html
BasicAuthenticator   BasicAuthenticator provides an implementation of HTTP Basic authentication.  code | html
Filter   A filter used to pre- and post-process incoming requests.  code | html
HttpContext   HttpContext represents a mapping between the root URI path of an application to a HttpHandler which is invoked to handle requests destined for that path on the associated HttpServer or HttpsServer.  code | html
HttpExchange   This class encapsulates a HTTP request received and a response to be generated in one exchange.  code | html
HttpServer   This class implements a simple HTTP server.  code | html
HttpsExchange   This class encapsulates a HTTPS request received and a response to be generated in one exchange and defines the extensions to HttpExchange that are specific to the HTTPS protocol.  code | html
HttpsParameters   Represents the set of parameters for each https connection negotiated with clients.  code | html
HttpsServer   This class is an extension of HttpServer which provides support for HTTPS.  code | html


Authenticator.Failure   Indicates an authentication failure.  code | html
Authenticator.Retry   Indicates an authentication must be retried.  code | html
Authenticator.Success   Indicates an authentication has succeeded and the authenticated user principal can be acquired by calling getPrincipal().  code | html
Base64     code | html
Filter.Chain   a chain of filters associated with a HttpServer.  code | html
Headers   HTTP request and response headers are represented by this class which implements the interface java.util.Map < java.lang.String ,java.util.List <java.lang.String >>.  code | html
HttpPrincipal   Represents a user authenticated by HTTP Basic or Digest authentication.  code | html
HttpsConfigurator   This class is used to configure the https parameters for each incoming https connection on a HttpsServer.  code | html