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AgreementMethod   A Key Agreement algorithm provides for the derivation of a shared secret key based on a shared secret computed from certain types of compatible public keys from both the sender and the recipient.  code | html
CipherData   CipherData provides encrypted data.  code | html
CipherReference   CipherReference identifies a source which, when processed, yields the encrypted octet sequence.  code | html
CipherValue   CipherValue is the wrapper for cipher text.  code | html
EncryptedData   The EncryptedData element is the core element in the syntax.  code | html
EncryptedKey   The EncryptedKey element is used to transport encryption keys from the originator to a known recipient(s).  code | html
EncryptedType   EncryptedType is the abstract type from which EncryptedData and EncryptedKey are derived.  code | html
EncryptionMethod   EncryptionMethod describes the encryption algorithm applied to the cipher data.  code | html
EncryptionProperties   EncryptionProperties can hold additional information concerning the generation of the EncryptedData or EncryptedKey code | html
EncryptionProperty   Additional information items concerning the generation of the EncryptedData or EncryptedKey can be placed in an EncryptionProperty element (e.g., date/time stamp or the serial number of cryptographic hardware used during encryption).  code | html
Reference   A wrapper for a pointer from a key value of an EncryptedKey to items encrypted by that key value (EncryptedData or EncryptedKey elements).  code | html
ReferenceList   ReferenceList is an element that contains pointers from a key value of an EncryptedKey to items encrypted by that key value (EncryptedData or EncryptedKey elements).  code | html
Transforms   A container for ds:Transforms.  code | html
XMLCipherParameters   Constants  code | html

Abstract Classes:

XMLCipher.Factory.EncryptedTypeImpl     code | html
XMLCipher.Factory.ReferenceListImpl.ReferenceImpl   ReferenceImpl is an implementation of Reference code | html


XMLCipher   XMLCipher encrypts and decrypts the contents of Documents, Elements and Element contents.  code | html
XMLCipher.Factory     code | html
XMLCipher.Factory.AgreementMethodImpl     code | html
XMLCipher.Factory.CipherDataImpl     code | html
XMLCipher.Factory.CipherReferenceImpl     code | html
XMLCipher.Factory.CipherValueImpl     code | html
XMLCipher.Factory.EncryptedDataImpl     code | html
XMLCipher.Factory.EncryptedKeyImpl     code | html
XMLCipher.Factory.EncryptionMethodImpl     code | html
XMLCipher.Factory.EncryptionPropertiesImpl     code | html
XMLCipher.Factory.EncryptionPropertyImpl     code | html
XMLCipher.Factory.ReferenceListImpl     code | html
XMLCipher.Factory.ReferenceListImpl.DataReference     code | html
XMLCipher.Factory.ReferenceListImpl.KeyReference     code | html
XMLCipher.Factory.TransformsImpl     code | html
XMLCipher.Serializer   Converts Strings into Nodes and visa versa.  code | html
XMLCipherInput   XMLCipherInput is used to wrap input passed into the XMLCipher encryption operations.  code | html
XMLEncryptionException     code | html