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Abstract Classes:

BaseRow   The abstract base class from which the classes Row The class BaseRow stores a row's original values as an array of Object values, which can be retrieved with the method getOrigRow code | html


CachedRowSetReader   The facility called by the RIOptimisticProvider object internally to read data into it.  code | html
CachedRowSetWriter   The facility called on internally by the RIOptimisticProvider implementation to propagate changes back to the data source from which the rowset got its data.  code | html
InsertRow   A class used internally to manage a CachedRowSet object's insert row.  code | html
Row   A class that keeps track of a row's values.  code | html
SyncResolverImpl   There will be two sets of data which will be maintained by the rowset at the time of synchronization.  code | html
WebRowSetXmlReader   An implementation of the XmlReader interface, which reads and parses an XML formatted WebRowSet object.  code | html
WebRowSetXmlWriter   An implementation of the XmlWriter interface, which writes a WebRowSet object to an output stream as an XML document.  code | html
XmlErrorHandler   An implementation of the DefaultHandler interface, which handles all the errors, fatalerrors and warnings while reading the xml file.  code | html
XmlReaderContentHandler   The document handler that receives parse events that an XML parser sends while it is parsing an XML document representing a WebRowSet object.  code | html
XmlResolver   An implementation of the EntityResolver interface, which reads and parses an XML formatted WebRowSet object.  code | html