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Abstract Classes:

Server   The NTLM server, not multi-thread enabled.


Server server = new Server(null, "REALM") {
    public char[] getPassword(String ntdomain, String username) {
        switch (username) {
            case "dummy": return "t0pSeCr3t".toCharArray();
            case "guest": return "".toCharArray();
            default: return null;
// Receive client request as type1
byte[] type2 = server.type2(type1, nonce);
// Send type2 to client and receive type3
verify(type3, nonce);
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Version     code | html
Client   The NTLM client.  code | html
NTLM   NTLM authentication implemented according to MS-NLMP, version 12.1  code | html
NTLM.Reader   Reading an NTLM packet  code | html
NTLM.Writer   Writing an NTLM packet  code | html
NTLMException   An NTLM-related Exception  code | html