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public interface: CompilationUnitTree [javadoc | source]

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Represents the abstract syntax tree for compilation units (source files) and package declarations (package-info.java).
Method from com.sun.source.tree.CompilationUnitTree Summary:
getImports,   getLineMap,   getPackageAnnotations,   getPackageName,   getSourceFile,   getTypeDecls
Method from com.sun.source.tree.CompilationUnitTree Detail:
 public List<ImportTree> getImports()
 public LineMap getLineMap()
    Gets the line map for this compilation unit, if available. Returns null if the line map is not available.
 public List<AnnotationTree> getPackageAnnotations()
 public ExpressionTree getPackageName()
 public JavaFileObject getSourceFile()
 public List<Tree> getTypeDecls()