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public interface: LineMap [javadoc | source]

All Known Implementing Classes:
    LineMap, LineMapImpl, LineTabMapImpl

Provides methods to convert between character positions and line numbers for a compilation unit.
Method from com.sun.source.tree.LineMap Summary:
getColumnNumber,   getLineNumber,   getPosition,   getStartPosition
Method from com.sun.source.tree.LineMap Detail:
 public long getColumnNumber(long pos)
    Find the column for a character position. Tab characters preceding the position on the same line will be expanded when calculating the column number.
 public long getLineNumber(long pos)
    Find the line containing a position; a line termination character is on the line it terminates.
 public long getPosition(long line,
    long column)
    Find the position corresponding to a (line,column).
 public long getStartPosition(long line)
    Find the start position of a line.