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public interface: Scope [javadoc | source]

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Interface for determining locally available program elements, such as local variables and imports. Upon creation, a Scope is associated with a given program position; for example, a {@linkplain Tree tree node}. This position may be used to infer an enclosing method and/or class.

A Scope does not itself contain the details of the elements corresponding to the parameters, methods and fields of the methods and classes containing its position. However, these elements can be determined from the enclosing elements.

Scopes may be contained in an enclosing scope. The outermost scope contains those elements available via "star import" declarations; the scope within that contains the top level elements of the compilation unit, including any named imports.

Method from com.sun.source.tree.Scope Summary:
getEnclosingClass,   getEnclosingMethod,   getEnclosingScope,   getLocalElements
Method from com.sun.source.tree.Scope Detail:
 public TypeElement getEnclosingClass()
    Returns the innermost type element containing the position of this scope
 public ExecutableElement getEnclosingMethod()
    Returns the innermost executable element containing the position of this scope.
 public Scope getEnclosingScope()
    Returns the enclosing scope.
 public Iterable<Element> getLocalElements()
    Returns the elements directly contained in this scope.