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public class: AgentInitializationException [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

The exception thrown when an agent fails to initialize in the target Java virtual machine.

This exception is thrown by VirtualMachine.loadAgent , VirtualMachine.loadAgentLibrary , VirtualMachine.loadAgentPath methods if an agent, or agent library, cannot be initialized. When thrown by VirtualMachine.loadAgentLibrary, or VirtualMachine.loadAgentPath then the exception encapsulates the error returned by the agent's Agent_OnAttach function. This error code can be obtained by invoking the returnValue method.
Field Summary
static final  long serialVersionUID    use serialVersionUID for interoperability 
Fields inherited from java.lang.Exception:
 public AgentInitializationException() 
 public AgentInitializationException(String s) 
    Constructs an AgentInitializationException with the specified detail message.
    s - the detail message.
 public AgentInitializationException(String s,
    int returnValue) 
    Constructs an AgentInitializationException with the specified detail message and the return value from the execution of the agent's Agent_OnAttach function.
    s - the detail message.
    returnValue - the return value
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Method from Detail:
 public int returnValue() 
    If the exception was created with the return value from the agent Agent_OnAttach function then this returns that value, otherwise returns 0.