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Abstract Classes:

QueryHandler     code | html


AllClassesQuery     code | html
AllRootsQuery     code | html
ClassQuery     code | html
FinalizerObjectsQuery     code | html
FinalizerSummaryQuery     code | html
FinalizerSummaryQuery.HistogramElement     code | html
HistogramQuery   Prints histogram sortable by class name, count and size.  code | html
HttpReader   Reads a single HTTP query from a socket, and starts up a QueryHandler to server it.  code | html
InstancesCountQuery     code | html
InstancesQuery     code | html
OQLHelp   This handles Object Query Language (OQL) help.  code | html
OQLQuery   This handles Object Query Language (OQL) queries.  code | html
ObjectQuery     code | html
PlatformClasses   This class is a helper that determines if a class is a "platform" class or not.  code | html
QueryListener     code | html
ReachableQuery     code | html
RefsByTypeQuery   References by type summary  code | html
RootStackQuery   Query to show the StackTrace for a given root  code | html
RootsQuery     code | html