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public class: ClientCodeWrapper [javadoc | source]
Wrap objects to enable unchecked exceptions to be caught and handled. For each method, exceptions are handled as follows: The intent is that ClientCodeException can be caught at an appropriate point in the program and can be distinguished from any unanticipated unchecked exceptions arising in the main body of the code (i.e. bugs.) When the ClientCodeException has been caught, either a suitable message can be generated, or if appropriate, the original cause can be rethrown.

This is NOT part of any supported API. If you write code that depends on this, you do so at your own risk. This code and its internal interfaces are subject to change or deletion without notice.
Nested Class Summary:
public class  ClientCodeWrapper.Trusted   
protected class  ClientCodeWrapper.WrappedJavaFileManager   
protected class  ClientCodeWrapper.WrappedFileObject   
protected class  ClientCodeWrapper.WrappedJavaFileObject   
protected class  ClientCodeWrapper.WrappedDiagnosticListener   
protected class  ClientCodeWrapper.WrappedTaskListener   
Field Summary
 Map<?, Boolean> trustedClasses    A map to cache the results of whether or not a specific classes can be "trusted", and thus does not need to be wrapped. 
 protected ClientCodeWrapper(Context context) 
Method from com.sun.tools.javac.api.ClientCodeWrapper Summary:
instance,   isTrusted,   unwrap,   unwrap,   wrap,   wrap,   wrap,   wrap,   wrap,   wrapJavaFileObjects
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Method from com.sun.tools.javac.api.ClientCodeWrapper Detail:
 public static ClientCodeWrapper instance(Context context) 
 protected boolean isTrusted(Object o) 
 FileObject unwrap(FileObject fo) 
 JavaFileObject unwrap(JavaFileObject fo) 
 public JavaFileManager wrap(JavaFileManager fm) 
 public FileObject wrap(FileObject fo) 
 public JavaFileObject wrap(JavaFileObject fo) 
 DiagnosticListener<T> wrap(DiagnosticListener<T> dl) 
 TaskListener wrap(TaskListener tl) 
 public Iterable<JavaFileObject> wrapJavaFileObjects(Iterable<JavaFileObject> list)