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DiagnosticFormatter   Provides simple functionalities for javac diagnostic formatting.  code | html
DiagnosticFormatter.Configuration   This interface provides functionalities for tuning the output of a diagnostic formatter in multiple ways.  code | html
Formattable   This interface must be implemented by any javac class that has non-trivial formatting needs (e.g.  code | html
Messages   This interface defines the minimum requirements in order to provide support for localized formatted strings.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

JavacTaskImpl.Filter     code | html


DiagnosticFormatter.Configuration.DiagnosticPart   A given diagnostic message can be divided into sub-parts each of which might/might not be displayed by the formatter, according to the current configuration settings.  code | html
DiagnosticFormatter.Configuration.MultilineLimit   A multiline limit control the verbosity of multiline diagnostics either by setting a maximum depth of nested multidiagnostics, or by limiting the amount of subdiagnostics attached to a given diagnostic (or both).  code | html
DiagnosticFormatter.PositionKind   This enum defines a set of constants for all the kinds of position that a diagnostic can be asked for.  code | html
ClientCodeWrapper   Wrap objects to enable unchecked exceptions to be caught and handled.  code | html
ClientCodeWrapper.Trusted     code | html
ClientCodeWrapper.WrappedDiagnosticListener     code | html
ClientCodeWrapper.WrappedFileObject     code | html
ClientCodeWrapper.WrappedJavaFileManager     code | html
ClientCodeWrapper.WrappedJavaFileObject     code | html
ClientCodeWrapper.WrappedTaskListener     code | html
Formattable.LocalizedString     code | html
JavacScope   Provides an implementation of Scope.  code | html
JavacTaskImpl   Provides access to functionality specific to the JDK Java Compiler, javac.  code | html
JavacTool   TODO: describe com.sun.tools.javac.api.Tool

This is NOT part of any supported API. 

code | html
JavacTrees   Provides an implementation of Trees.  code | html
JavacTrees.Copier   Makes a copy of a tree, noting the value resulting from copying a particular leaf.  code | html
WrappingJavaFileManager   Wraps all calls to a given file manager.  code | html