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public static interface: Attribute.Visitor [javadoc | source]

All Known Implementing Classes:
    ValueVisitor, AttributeWriter, ToStringVisitor, ValueVisitor, AnnotationBuilder, AugmentVisitor, AnnotationCompleter, AnnotationDeproxy, ValueVisitor, AnnotationDefaultCompleter, ValueVisitor, ProxyVisitor

A visitor type for dynamic dispatch on the kind of attribute value.
Method from$Visitor Summary:
visitArray,   visitClass,   visitCompound,   visitConstant,   visitEnum,   visitError
Method from$Visitor Detail:
 public  void visitArray(Array array)
 public  void visitClass(Class clazz)
 public  void visitCompound(Compound compound)
 public  void visitConstant(Constant value)
 public  void visitEnum(Enum e)
 public  void visitError(Error e)