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public static class: Scope.Entry [javadoc | source]

Direct Known Subclasses:

A class for scope entries.
Field Summary
public  Symbol sym    The referenced symbol. sym == null iff this == sentinel 
public  Entry sibling    Next entry in same scope. 
public  Scope scope    The entry's scope. scope == null iff this == sentinel for an entry in an import scope, this is the scope where the entry came from (i.e. was imported from). 
 public Entry(Symbol sym,
    Entry shadowed,
    Entry sibling,
    Scope scope) 
Method from$Entry Summary:
getOrigin,   next,   next
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Method from$Entry Detail:
 public Scope getOrigin() 
 public Entry next() 
    Return next entry with the same name as this entry, proceeding outwards if not found in this scope.
 public Entry next(Filter<Symbol> sf)