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public static class: Scope.ErrorScope [javadoc | source]
An error scope, for which the owner should be an error symbol.
Fields inherited from
next,  owner,  table,  hashMask,  elems,  nelems,  listeners,  emptyScope,  noFilter
 public ErrorScope(Symbol errSymbol) 
 ErrorScope(Scope next,
    Symbol errSymbol,
    Entry[] table) 
Method from$ErrorScope Summary:
dup,   dupUnshared,   lookup
Methods from
addScopeListener,   dup,   dup,   dupUnshared,   enter,   enter,   enter,   enterIfAbsent,   getElements,   getElements,   getElementsByName,   getElementsByName,   getIndex,   includes,   leave,   lookup,   lookup,   makeEntry,   remove,   toString
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Method from$ErrorScope Detail:
 public Scope dup() 
 public Scope dupUnshared() 
 public Entry lookup(Name name)