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public static class: Symbol.ClassSymbol [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    TypeElement, TypeParameterElement, Element

A class for class symbols
Field Summary
public  Scope members_field    a scope for all class members; variables, methods and inner classes type parameters are not part of this scope 
public  Name fullname    the fully qualified name of the class, i.e. pck.outer.inner. null for anonymous classes 
public  Name flatname    the fully qualified name of the class after converting to flat representation, i.e. pck.outer$inner, set externally for local and anonymous classes 
public  JavaFileObject sourcefile    the sourcefile where the class came from 
public  JavaFileObject classfile    the classfile from where to load this class this will have extension .class or .java 
public  Pool pool    the constant pool of the class 
Fields inherited from
kind,  flags_field,  attributes_field,  name,  type,  owner,  completer,  erasure_field
 public ClassSymbol(long flags,
    Name name,
    Symbol owner) 
 public ClassSymbol(long flags,
    Name name,
    Type type,
    Symbol owner) 
Method from$ClassSymbol Summary:
accept,   accept,   className,   complete,   erasure,   flags,   flatName,   getAnnotation,   getAnnotationMirrors,   getInterfaces,   getKind,   getNestingKind,   getQualifiedName,   getSuperclass,   isSubClass,   members,   toString
Methods from$TypeSymbol:
accept,   accept,   formFlatName,   formFullName,   getBounds,   getEnclosedElements,   getGenericElement,   getKind,   precedes
Methods from
accept,   asMemberOf,   asType,   attribute,   clone,   complete,   enclClass,   erasure,   exists,   externalType,   flags,   flatName,   getAnnotation,   getAnnotationMirrors,   getEnclosedElements,   getEnclosingElement,   getKind,   getModifiers,   getQualifiedName,   getSimpleName,   getTypeParameters,   hasOuterInstance,   isAnonymous,   isConstructor,   isEnclosedBy,   isInheritedIn,   isInner,   isInterface,   isLocal,   isMemberOf,   isPolymorphicSignatureGeneric,   isPolymorphicSignatureInstance,   isStatic,   isSubClass,   location,   location,   members,   outermostClass,   overrides,   packge,   toString
Methods from java.lang.Object:
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Method from$ClassSymbol Detail:
 public R accept(ElementVisitor<R, P> v,
    P p) 
 public R accept(Visitor<R, P> v,
    P p) 
 public String className() 
 public  void complete() throws CompletionFailure 
    Complete the elaboration of this symbol's definition.
 public Type erasure(Types types) 
 public long flags() 
 public Name flatName() 
 public A getAnnotation(Class<A> annoType) 
Deprecated! this - method should never be used by javac internally.

 public List<Compound> getAnnotationMirrors() 
 public List<Type> getInterfaces() 
 public ElementKind getKind() 
 public NestingKind getNestingKind() 
 public Name getQualifiedName() 
 public Type getSuperclass() 
 public boolean isSubClass(Symbol base,
    Types types) 
 public Scope members() 
 public String toString() 
    The Java source which this symbol represents.