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public static class: Symbol.MethodSymbol [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    ExecutableElement, Element

Direct Known Subclasses:

A class for method symbols.
Field Summary
public  Code code    The code of the method. 
public  List<VarSymbol> params    The parameters of the method. 
public  List<Name> savedParameterNames    The names of the parameters 
public  Attribute defaultValue    For an attribute field accessor, its default value if any. The value is null if none appeared in the method declaration. 
Fields inherited from
kind,  flags_field,  attributes_field,  name,  type,  owner,  completer,  erasure_field
 public MethodSymbol(long flags,
    Name name,
    Type type,
    Symbol owner) 
    Construct a method symbol, given its flags, name, type and owner.
Method from$MethodSymbol Summary:
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Method from$MethodSymbol Detail:
 public R accept(ElementVisitor<R, P> v,
    P p) 
 public R accept(Visitor<R, P> v,
    P p) 
 public Symbol asMemberOf(Type site,
    Types types) 
 public MethodSymbol binaryImplementation(ClassSymbol origin,
    Types types) 
    The implementation of this (abstract) symbol in class origin, from the VM's point of view, null if method does not have an implementation in class.
 public boolean binaryOverrides(Symbol _other,
    TypeSymbol origin,
    Types types) 
    Will the erasure of this method be considered by the VM to override the erasure of the other when seen from class `origin'?
 public MethodSymbol clone(Symbol newOwner) 
    Clone this symbol with new owner.
 public Attribute getDefaultValue() 
 public ElementKind getKind() 
 public List<VarSymbol> getParameters() 
 public Type getReturnType() 
 public List<Type> getThrownTypes() 
 public MethodSymbol implementation(TypeSymbol origin,
    Types types,
    boolean checkResult) 
    The implementation of this (abstract) symbol in class origin; null if none exists. Synthetic methods are not considered as possible implementations.
 public MethodSymbol implementation(TypeSymbol origin,
    Types types,
    boolean checkResult,
    Filter<Symbol> implFilter) 
 public Symbol implemented(TypeSymbol c,
    Types types) 
    find a symbol that this (proxy method) symbol implements.
 public Symbol implementedIn(TypeSymbol c,
    Types types) 
 public boolean isVarArgs() 
 public boolean overrides(Symbol _other,
    TypeSymbol origin,
    Types types,
    boolean checkResult) 
    Does this symbol override `other' symbol, when both are seen as members of class `origin'? It is assumed that _other is a member of origin. It is assumed that both symbols have the same name. The static modifier is ignored for this test. See JLS (without transitivity) and
 public List<VarSymbol> params() 
 public String toString() 
    The Java source which this symbol represents.