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public static class: Symbol.TypeSymbol [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    TypeParameterElement, Element

Direct Known Subclasses:
    ClassSymbol, PackageSymbol

A class for type symbols. Type variables are represented by instances of this class, classes and packages by instances of subclasses.
Fields inherited from
kind,  flags_field,  attributes_field,  name,  type,  owner,  completer,  erasure_field
 public TypeSymbol(long flags,
    Name name,
    Type type,
    Symbol owner) 
Method from$TypeSymbol Summary:
accept,   accept,   formFlatName,   formFullName,   getBounds,   getEnclosedElements,   getGenericElement,   getKind,   precedes
Methods from
accept,   asMemberOf,   asType,   attribute,   clone,   complete,   enclClass,   erasure,   exists,   externalType,   flags,   flatName,   getAnnotation,   getAnnotationMirrors,   getEnclosedElements,   getEnclosingElement,   getKind,   getModifiers,   getQualifiedName,   getSimpleName,   getTypeParameters,   hasOuterInstance,   isAnonymous,   isConstructor,   isEnclosedBy,   isInheritedIn,   isInner,   isInterface,   isLocal,   isMemberOf,   isPolymorphicSignatureGeneric,   isPolymorphicSignatureInstance,   isStatic,   isSubClass,   location,   location,   members,   outermostClass,   overrides,   packge,   toString
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Method from$TypeSymbol Detail:
 public R accept(ElementVisitor<R, P> v,
    P p) 
 public R accept(Visitor<R, P> v,
    P p) 
 public static Name formFlatName(Name name,
    Symbol owner) 
    form a fully qualified name from a name and an owner, after converting to flat representation
 public static Name formFullName(Name name,
    Symbol owner) 
    form a fully qualified name from a name and an owner
 public List<Type> getBounds() 
 public List<Symbol> getEnclosedElements() 
 public Symbol getGenericElement() 
 public ElementKind getKind() 
 public final boolean precedes(TypeSymbol that,
    Types types) 
    A total ordering between type symbols that refines the class inheritance graph. Typevariables always precede other kinds of symbols.