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public static class: Symbol.VarSymbol [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    VariableElement, Element

A class for variable symbols
Field Summary
public  int pos    The variable's declaration position. 
public  int adr    The variable's address. Used for different purposes during flow analysis, translation and code generation. Flow analysis: If this is a blank final or local variable, its sequence number. Translation: If this is a private field, its access number. Code generation: If this is a local variable, its logical slot number. 
Fields inherited from
kind,  flags_field,  attributes_field,  name,  type,  owner,  completer,  erasure_field
 public VarSymbol(long flags,
    Name name,
    Type type,
    Symbol owner) 
    Construct a variable symbol, given its flags, name, type and owner.
Method from$VarSymbol Summary:
accept,   accept,   asMemberOf,   clone,   getConstValue,   getConstantValue,   getKind,   isExceptionParameter,   isResourceVariable,   setData,   setLazyConstValue,   toString
Methods from
accept,   asMemberOf,   asType,   attribute,   clone,   complete,   enclClass,   erasure,   exists,   externalType,   flags,   flatName,   getAnnotation,   getAnnotationMirrors,   getEnclosedElements,   getEnclosingElement,   getKind,   getModifiers,   getQualifiedName,   getSimpleName,   getTypeParameters,   hasOuterInstance,   isAnonymous,   isConstructor,   isEnclosedBy,   isInheritedIn,   isInner,   isInterface,   isLocal,   isMemberOf,   isPolymorphicSignatureGeneric,   isPolymorphicSignatureInstance,   isStatic,   isSubClass,   location,   location,   members,   outermostClass,   overrides,   packge,   toString
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Method from$VarSymbol Detail:
 public R accept(ElementVisitor<R, P> v,
    P p) 
 public R accept(Visitor<R, P> v,
    P p) 
 public Symbol asMemberOf(Type site,
    Types types) 
 public VarSymbol clone(Symbol newOwner) 
    Clone this symbol with new owner.
 public Object getConstValue() 
 public Object getConstantValue() 
 public ElementKind getKind() 
 public boolean isExceptionParameter() 
 public boolean isResourceVariable() 
 public  void setData(Object data) 
 public  void setLazyConstValue(Env<AttrContext> env,
    Attr attr,
    JCExpression initializer) 
 public String toString()