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public static class: Type.ForAll [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    ExecutableType, PrimitiveType

Direct Known Subclasses:

Nested Class Summary:
public enum class  ForAll.ConstraintKind  Kind of type-constraint derived during type inference 
Field Summary
public  List<Type> tvars     
Fields inherited from$DelegatedType:
Fields inherited from
noType,  moreInfo,  tag,  tsym
 public ForAll(List<Type> tvars,
    Type qtype) 
Method from$ForAll Summary:
accept,   accept,   asMethodType,   complete,   contains,   getConstraints,   getKind,   getTypeArguments,   getTypeVariables,   inst,   isErroneous,   map,   toString
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allparams,   getEnclosingType,   getParameterTypes,   getReturnType,   getThrownTypes,   getTypeArguments,   getUpperBound,   isErroneous,   toString
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accept,   accept,   allparams,   argtypes,   asElement,   asMethodType,   baseType,   baseTypes,   complete,   constType,   constValue,   contains,   contains,   containsAny,   containsAny,   equals,   filter,   getEnclosingType,   getKind,   getLowerBound,   getModelType,   getModelTypes,   getParameterTypes,   getReturnType,   getThrownTypes,   getTypeArguments,   getUpperBound,   hashCode,   isCompound,   isErroneous,   isErroneous,   isExtendsBound,   isFalse,   isFinal,   isInterface,   isParameterized,   isPrimitive,   isRaw,   isSuperBound,   isTrue,   isUnbound,   map,   map,   stringValue,   toString,   toString,   withTypeVar
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Method from$ForAll Detail:
 public R accept(Visitor<R, S> v,
    S s) 
 public R accept(TypeVisitor<R, P> v,
    P p) 
 public MethodType asMethodType() 
 public  void complete() 
 public boolean contains(Type elem) 
 public List<Type> getConstraints(TypeVar tv,
    ConstraintKind ck) 
    Get the type-constraints of a given kind for a given type-variable of this ForAll type. Subclasses should override in order to return more accurate sets of constraints.
 public TypeKind getKind() 
 public List<Type> getTypeArguments() 
 public List<TypeVar> getTypeVariables() 
 public Type inst(List<Type> actuals,
    Types types) 
    Replaces this ForAll's typevars with a set of concrete Java types and returns the instantiated generic type. Subclasses should override in order to check that the list of types is a valid instantiation of the ForAll's typevars.
 public boolean isErroneous() 
 public Type map(Mapping f) 
 public String toString()