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abstract public class: BaseFileObject [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

Direct Known Subclasses:
    ZipFileIndexFileObject, ZipFileObject, RegularFileObject, SourceFileObject

This is NOT part of any supported API. If you write code that depends on this, you do so at your own risk. This code and its internal interfaces are subject to change or deletion without notice.
Nested Class Summary:
protected static class  BaseFileObject.CannotCreateUriError  Used when URLSyntaxException is thrown unexpectedly during implementations of (Base)FileObject.toURI(). 
Field Summary
protected final  JavacFileManager fileManager    The file manager that created this JavaFileObject. 
 protected BaseFileObject(JavacFileManager fileManager) 
Method from com.sun.tools.javac.file.BaseFileObject Summary:
createJarUri,   equals,   getAccessLevel,   getDecoder,   getKind,   getNestingKind,   getShortName,   getSimpleName,   hashCode,   inferBinaryName,   openReader,   removeExtension,   toString
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Method from com.sun.tools.javac.file.BaseFileObject Detail:
 protected static URI createJarUri(File jarFile,
    String entryName) 
 abstract public boolean equals(Object other)
 public Modifier getAccessLevel() 
 protected CharsetDecoder getDecoder(boolean ignoreEncodingErrors) 
 protected static Kind getKind(String filename) 
 public NestingKind getNestingKind() 
 abstract public String getShortName()
    Return a short name for the object, such as for use in raw diagnostics
 public static String getSimpleName(FileObject fo) 
    Return the last component of a presumed hierarchical URI. From the scheme specific part of the URI, it returns the substring after the last "/" if any, or everything if no "/" is found.
 abstract public int hashCode()
 abstract protected String inferBinaryName(Iterable<File> path)
 public Reader openReader(boolean ignoreEncodingErrors) throws IOException 
 protected static String removeExtension(String fileName) 
 public String toString()