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public static class: ZipFileIndexArchive.ZipFileIndexFileObject [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

A subclass of JavaFileObject representing zip entries using the com.sun.tools.javac.file.ZipFileIndex implementation.
Field Summary
 ZipFileIndex zfIndex    The zipfile containing the entry. 
 Entry entry    The underlying zip entry object. 
 InputStream inputStream    The InputStream for this zip entry (file.) 
 File zipName    The name of the zip file where this entry resides. 
Fields inherited from com.sun.tools.javac.file.BaseFileObject:
 ZipFileIndexFileObject(JavacFileManager fileManager,
    ZipFileIndex zfIndex,
    Entry entry,
    File zipFileName) 
Method from com.sun.tools.javac.file.ZipFileIndexArchive$ZipFileIndexFileObject Summary:
delete,   equals,   getCharContent,   getDecoder,   getKind,   getLastModified,   getName,   getShortName,   hashCode,   inferBinaryName,   isNameCompatible,   openInputStream,   openOutputStream,   openWriter,   toUri
Methods from com.sun.tools.javac.file.BaseFileObject:
createJarUri,   equals,   getAccessLevel,   getDecoder,   getKind,   getNestingKind,   getShortName,   getSimpleName,   hashCode,   inferBinaryName,   openReader,   removeExtension,   toString
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clone,   equals,   finalize,   getClass,   hashCode,   notify,   notifyAll,   toString,   wait,   wait,   wait
Method from com.sun.tools.javac.file.ZipFileIndexArchive$ZipFileIndexFileObject Detail:
 public boolean delete() 
 public boolean equals(Object other) 
    Check if two file objects are equal. Two ZipFileIndexFileObjects are equal if the absolute paths of the underlying zip files are equal and if the paths within those zip files are equal.
 public CharBuffer getCharContent(boolean ignoreEncodingErrors) throws IOException 
 protected CharsetDecoder getDecoder(boolean ignoreEncodingErrors) 
 public Kind getKind() 
 public long getLastModified() 
 public String getName() 
 public String getShortName() 
 public int hashCode() 
 protected String inferBinaryName(Iterable<File> path) 
 public boolean isNameCompatible(String cn,
    Kind k) 
 public InputStream openInputStream() throws IOException 
 public OutputStream openOutputStream() throws IOException 
 public Writer openWriter() throws IOException 
 public URI toUri()