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public class: ZipFileIndexCache [javadoc | source]
A cache for ZipFileIndex objects.
Method from com.sun.tools.javac.file.ZipFileIndexCache Summary:
clearCache,   clearCache,   getExistingZipIndex,   getSharedInstance,   getZipFileIndex,   getZipFileIndexes,   getZipFileIndexes,   instance,   removeFromCache,   setOpenedIndexes
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Method from com.sun.tools.javac.file.ZipFileIndexCache Detail:
 public synchronized  void clearCache() 
 public synchronized  void clearCache(long timeNotUsed) 
 public synchronized ZipFileIndex getExistingZipIndex(File zipFile) 
 public static synchronized ZipFileIndexCache getSharedInstance() 
 public synchronized ZipFileIndex getZipFileIndex(File zipFile,
    RelativeDirectory symbolFilePrefix,
    boolean useCache,
    String cacheLocation,
    boolean writeIndex) throws IOException 
 public List<ZipFileIndex> getZipFileIndexes() 
    Returns a list of all ZipFileIndex entries
 public synchronized List<ZipFileIndex> getZipFileIndexes(boolean openedOnly) 
    Returns a list of all ZipFileIndex entries
 public static ZipFileIndexCache instance(Context context) 
    Get a context-specific instance of a cache.
 public synchronized  void removeFromCache(File file) 
 public synchronized  void setOpenedIndexes(List<ZipFileIndex> indexes) throws IllegalStateException 
    Sets already opened list of ZipFileIndexes from an outside client of the compiler. This functionality should be used in a non-batch clients of the compiler.