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ByteCodes   Bytecode instruction codes, as well as typecodes used as instruction modifiers.  code | html
CRTFlags   The CharacterRangeTable flags indicating type of an entry.  code | html
ClassReader.ProxyVisitor     code | html
ClassReader.SourceCompleter     code | html

Abstract Classes:

ClassReader.AttributeReader     code | html
ClassWriter.StackMapTableFrame   An entry in the JSR202 StackMapTable  code | html
Gen.GenFinalizer   An abstract class for finalizer generation.  code | html
Items.Item   The base class of all items, which implements default behavior.  code | html


ClassFile.Version     code | html
ClassReader.AttributeKind   Reading Attributes ************************************************************  code | html
Code.StackMapFormat     code | html
Target   The classfile version target.  code | html
CRTable   This class contains the CharacterRangeTable for some method and the hashtable for mapping trees or lists of trees to their ending positions.  code | html
CRTable.CRTEntry   This class contains a CharacterRangeTableEntry.  code | html
CRTable.SourceComputer   This class contains methods to compute source positions for trees.  code | html
CRTable.SourceRange   This class contains source positions for some tree or list of trees.  code | html
ClassFile   A JVM class file.  code | html
ClassFile.NameAndType   A class for the name-and-type signature of a method or field.  code | html
ClassReader   This class provides operations to read a classfile into an internal representation.  code | html
ClassReader.AnnotationCompleter     code | html
ClassReader.AnnotationDefaultCompleter     code | html
ClassReader.AnnotationDeproxy     code | html
ClassReader.ArrayAttributeProxy     code | html
ClassReader.BadClassFile   Error Diagnoses ***************************************************************  code | html
ClassReader.CompoundAnnotationProxy   A temporary proxy representing a compound attribute.  code | html
ClassReader.EnumAttributeProxy     code | html
ClassReader.SourceFileObject   A subclass of JavaFileObject for the sourcefile attribute found in a classfile.  code | html
ClassReader.TypeAnnotationProxy   A temporary proxy representing a type annotation.  code | html
ClassWriter   This class provides operations to map an internal symbol table graph rooted in a ClassSymbol into a classfile.  code | html
ClassWriter.AttributeWriter   A visitor to write an attribute including its leading single-character marker.  code | html
ClassWriter.PoolOverflow   Thrown when the constant pool is over full.  code | html
ClassWriter.StackMapTableFrame.AppendFrame     code | html
ClassWriter.StackMapTableFrame.ChopFrame     code | html
ClassWriter.StackMapTableFrame.FullFrame     code | html
ClassWriter.StackMapTableFrame.SameFrame     code | html
ClassWriter.StackMapTableFrame.SameLocals1StackItemFrame     code | html
ClassWriter.StringOverflow     code | html
Code   An internal structure that corresponds to the code attribute of methods in a classfile.  code | html
Code.Chain   A chain represents a list of unresolved jumps.  code | html
Code.LocalVar   A live range of a local variable.  code | html
Code.Mneumonics     code | html
Code.StackMapFrame   An entry in the stack map.  code | html
Code.State     code | html
Gen   This pass maps flat Java (i.e.  code | html
Gen.CodeSizeOverflow   Thrown when the byte code size exceeds limit.  code | html
Gen.GenContext   code generation contexts, to be used as type parameter for environments.  code | html
Items   A helper class for code generation.  code | html
Items.AssignItem   An item representing an assignment expressions.  code | html
Items.CondItem   An item representing a conditional or unconditional jump.  code | html
Items.ImmediateItem   An item representing a literal.  code | html
Items.IndexedItem   An item representing an indexed expression.  code | html
Items.LocalItem   An item representing a local variable.  code | html
Items.MemberItem   An item representing an instance variable or method.  code | html
Items.SelfItem   An item representing `this' or `super'.  code | html
Items.StackItem   An item representing a value on stack.  code | html
Items.StaticItem   An item representing a static variable or method.  code | html
Pool   An internal structure that corresponds to the constant pool of a classfile.  code | html
Pool.Method     code | html
Pool.Variable     code | html
UninitializedType   These pseudo-types appear in the generated verifier tables to indicate objects that have been allocated but not yet constructed.  code | html