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abstract public class: BaseFileManager [javadoc | source]

Direct Known Subclasses:
    JavapFileManager, JavacPathFileManager, JavacFileManager, JavahFileManager

Utility methods for building a filemanager. There are no references here to file-system specific objects such as java.io.File or java.nio.file.Path.
Field Summary
public  Log log    The log to be used for error reporting. 
protected  Charset charset    User provided charset (through javax.tools). 
protected  Options options     
protected  String classLoaderClass     
protected final  Map<CharBuffer> contentCache     
 protected BaseFileManager(Charset charset) 
Method from com.sun.tools.javac.util.BaseFileManager Summary:
cache,   decode,   getCachedContent,   getClassLoader,   getDecoder,   getEncodingName,   getKind,   getSource,   handleOption,   isDefaultBootClassPath,   isSupportedOption,   makeByteBuffer,   nullCheck,   nullCheck,   recycleByteBuffer,   setContext
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Method from com.sun.tools.javac.util.BaseFileManager Detail:
 public  void cache(JavaFileObject file,
    CharBuffer cb) 
 public CharBuffer decode(ByteBuffer inbuf,
    boolean ignoreEncodingErrors) 
 public CharBuffer getCachedContent(JavaFileObject file) 
 protected ClassLoader getClassLoader(URL[] urls) 
 public CharsetDecoder getDecoder(String encodingName,
    boolean ignoreEncodingErrors) 
 public String getEncodingName() 
 public static Kind getKind(String name) 
 protected Source getSource() 
 public boolean handleOption(String current,
    Iterator<String> remaining) 
 abstract public boolean isDefaultBootClassPath()
 public int isSupportedOption(String option) 
 public ByteBuffer makeByteBuffer(InputStream in) throws IOException 
    Make a byte buffer from an input stream.
 protected static T nullCheck(T o) 
 protected static Collection<T> nullCheck(Collection<T> it) 
 public  void recycleByteBuffer(ByteBuffer bb) 
 protected  void setContext(Context context) 
    Set the context for JavacPathFileManager.