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Context.Factory   The client can register a factory for lazy creation of the instance.  code | html
Filter   Simple filter acting as a boolean predicate.  code | html
JCDiagnostic.DiagnosticPosition   A DiagnosticPosition provides information about the positions in a file that gave rise to a diagnostic.  code | html
JavacFileManager.Archive   An archive provides a flat directory structure of a ZipFile by mapping directory names to lists of files (basenames).  code | html
LayoutCharacters   An interface containing layout character constants used in Java programs.  code | html
Position.LineMap     code | html

Abstract Classes:

AbstractDiagnosticFormatter   This abstract class provides a basic implementation of the functionalities that should be provided by any formatter used by javac.  code | html
AbstractLog   A base class for error logs.  code | html
BaseFileManager   Utility methods for building a filemanager.  code | html
BaseFileObject     code | html
Name   An abstraction for internal compiler strings.  code | html
Name.Table   An abstraction for the hash table used to create unique Name instances.  code | html


BasicDiagnosticFormatter.BasicConfiguration.BasicFormatKind   This enum contains all the kinds of formatting patterns supported by a basic diagnostic formatter.  code | html
BasicDiagnosticFormatter.BasicConfiguration.SourcePosition   A source positioning value controls the position (within a given diagnostic message) in which the source line the diagnostic refers to should be displayed (if applicable)  code | html
JCDiagnostic.DiagnosticFlag     code | html
JCDiagnostic.DiagnosticType   A DiagnosticType defines the type of the diagnostic.  code | html
MandatoryWarningHandler.DeferredDiagnosticKind   The kinds of different deferred diagnostics that might be generated if a mandatory warning is suppressed because too many warnings have already been output.  code | html
RichDiagnosticFormatter.RichConfiguration.RichFormatterFeature   The advanced formatting features provided by the rich formatter  code | html
RichDiagnosticFormatter.WhereClauseKind   This enum defines all posssible kinds of where clauses that can be attached by a rich diagnostic formatter to a given diagnostic  code | html
Abort   Throwing an instance of this class causes (silent) termination of the main compiler method.  code | html
AbstractDiagnosticFormatter.SimpleConfiguration     code | html
Assert   Simple facility for unconditional assertions.  code | html
BaseFileManager.ByteBufferCache   A single-element cache of direct byte buffers.  code | html
BasicDiagnosticFormatter   A basic formatter for diagnostic messages.  code | html
BasicDiagnosticFormatter.BasicConfiguration     code | html
Bits   A class for extensible, mutable bit sets.  code | html
ByteBuffer   A byte buffer is a flexible array which grows when elements are appended.  code | html
ClientCodeException   An exception used for propogating exceptions found in client code invoked from javac.  code | html
CloseableURLClassLoader   A URLClassLoader that also implements Closeable.  code | html
Constants   Utilities for operating on constant values.  code | html
Context   Support for an abstract context, modelled loosely after ThreadLocal but using a user-provided context instead of the current thread.  code | html
Context.Key   The client creates an instance of this class for each key.  code | html
Convert   Utility class for static conversion methods between numbers and strings in various formats.  code | html
DiagnosticFormatter   A formatter for diagnostic messages.  code | html
DiagnosticSource   A simple abstraction of a source file, as needed for use in a diagnostic message.  code | html
FatalError   Throwing an instance of this class causes immediate termination of the main compiler method.  code | html
ForwardingDiagnosticFormatter   A delegated diagnostic formatter delegates all formatting actions to an underlying formatter (aka the delegated formatter).  code | html
ForwardingDiagnosticFormatter.ForwardingConfiguration   A delegated formatter configuration delegates all configurations settings to an underlying configuration object (aka the delegated configuration).  code | html
JCDiagnostic   An abstraction of a diagnostic message generated by the compiler.  code | html
JCDiagnostic.Factory   A factory for creating diagnostic objects.  code | html
JCDiagnostic.MultilineDiagnostic     code | html
JCDiagnostic.SimpleDiagnosticPosition   A DiagnosticPosition that simply identifies a position, but no related tree node, as the location for a diagnostic.  code | html
JavacFileManager   This class provides access to the source, class and other files used by the compiler and related tools.  code | html
JavacFileManager.ByteBufferCache   A single-element cache of direct byte buffers.  code | html
JavacFileManager.MissingArchive     code | html
JavacFileManager.RegularFileObject   A subclass of JavaFileObject representing regular files.  code | html
JavacFileManager.SymbolArchive     code | html
JavacFileManager.ZipArchive     code | html
JavacFileManager.ZipFileIndexArchive     code | html
JavacFileManager.ZipFileIndexFileObject   A subclass of JavaFileObject representing zip entries using the com.sun.tools.javac.zip.ZipFileIndex implementation.  code | html
JavacFileManager.ZipFileObject   A subclass of JavaFileObject representing zip entries.  code | html
JavacMessages   Support for formatted localized messages.  code | html
List   A class for generic linked lists.  code | html
ListBuffer   A class for constructing lists by appending elements.  code | html
Log   A class for error logs.  code | html
MandatoryWarningHandler   A handler to process mandatory warnings, setting up a deferred diagnostic to be printed at the end of the compilation if some warnings get suppressed because too many warnings have already been generated.  code | html
Messages   Support for localized messages.  code | html
Names   Access to the compiler's name table.  code | html
Old199   Provides an easy migration to JSR 199 v3.3.  code | html
Options   A table of all command-line options.  code | html
Pair   A generic class for pairs.  code | html
Paths   This class converts command line arguments, environment variables and system properties (in File.pathSeparator-separated String form) into a boot class path, user class path, and source path (in Collection form).  code | html
Paths.Path     code | html
Paths.PathEntry     code | html
Position   A class that defines source code positions as simple character offsets from the beginning of the file.  code | html
Position.LineMapImpl     code | html
Position.LineTabMapImpl   A LineMap that handles tab expansion correctly.  code | html
PropagatedException   Used to propagate exceptions through to the user.  code | html
RawDiagnosticFormatter   A raw formatter for diagnostic messages.  code | html
RichDiagnosticFormatter   A rich diagnostic formatter is a formatter that provides better integration with javac's type system.  code | html
RichDiagnosticFormatter.ClassNameSimplifier   A name simplifier keeps track of class names usages in order to determine whether a class name can be compacted or not.  code | html
RichDiagnosticFormatter.RichConfiguration   Configuration object provided by the rich formatter.  code | html
RichDiagnosticFormatter.RichPrinter   Enhanced type/symbol printer that provides support for features like simple names and type variable disambiguation.  code | html
SharedNameTable   Implementation of Name.Table that stores all names in a single shared byte array, expanding it as needed.  code | html
SharedNameTable.NameImpl     code | html
UnsharedNameTable   Implementation of Name.Table that stores names in individual arrays using weak references.  code | html
UnsharedNameTable.HashEntry     code | html
UnsharedNameTable.NameImpl     code | html
Warner   An interface to support optional warnings, needed for support of unchecked conversions and unchecked casts.  code | html