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NativeHeaderTool   This class is intended to be put in javax.tools.  code | html
NativeHeaderTool.NativeHeaderTask   Interface representing a future for a native header task.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

Gen   An abstraction for generating support files required by native methods.  code | html
JavahTask.HiddenOption     code | html
JavahTask.Option     code | html



This is NOT part of any supported API. 

code | html
JNI   Header file generator for JNI.  code | html
JavahFileManager   javah's implementation of JavaFileManager.  code | html
JavahTask   Javah generates support files for native methods.  code | html
JavahTask.BadArgs     code | html
JavahTask.JavahProcessor     code | html
JavahTool     code | html
LLNI     code | html
LLNI.FieldDefsRes     code | html
Main   Main entry point.  code | html
MainDoclet   A doclet to parse and execute commandline options.  code | html
Mangle   A utility for mangling java identifiers into C names.  code | html
Mangle.Type     code | html
TypeSignature   Returns internal type signature.  code | html
TypeSignature.SignatureException     code | html
Util   Messages, verbose and error handling support.  code | html
Util.Exit   Exit is used to replace the use of System.exit in the original javah.  code | html