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Package com.sun.xacml.attr

Interface Summary
AttributeFactoryProxy A simple proxy interface used to install new AttributeFactorys.
AttributeProxy Used by the AttributeFactory to create new attributes.

Class Summary
AnyURIAttribute Representation of an xs:anyURI value.
AttributeDesignator Represents all four kinds of Designators in XACML.
AttributeFactory This is an abstract factory class for creating XACML attribute values.
AttributeSelector Supports the standard selector functionality in XACML, which uses XPath expressions to resolve values from the Request or elsewhere.
AttributeValue The base type for all datatypes used in a policy or request/response, this abstract class represents a value for a given attribute type.
BagAttribute Represents a bag used in the XACML spec as return values from functions and designators/selectors that provide more than one value.
Base64 Class that knows how to encode and decode Base64 values.
Base64BinaryAttribute Representation of an xsi:base64Binary value.
BaseAttributeFactory This is a basic implementation of AttributeFactory.
BooleanAttribute Representation of an xs:boolean value.
DateAttribute Representation of an xs:date value.
DateTimeAttribute Representation of an xs:dateTime value.
DayTimeDurationAttribute Representation of an xf:dayTimeDuration value.
DoubleAttribute Representation of an xsi:double value.
HexBinaryAttribute Representation of an xsi:hexBinary value.
IntegerAttribute Representation of an xs:integer value.
RFC822NameAttribute Representation of an rfc822Name (ie, an email address).
StandardAttributeFactory This factory supports the standard set of datatypes specified in XACML 1.0 and 1.1.
StringAttribute Representation of an xs:string value.
TimeAttribute Representation of an xs:time value.
X500NameAttribute Representation of an X500 Name.
YearMonthDurationAttribute Representation of an xf:yearMonthDuration value.