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Class RuleCombiningAlgorithm  view RuleCombiningAlgorithm download

  extended bycom.sun.xacml.combine.CombiningAlgorithm
      extended bycom.sun.xacml.combine.RuleCombiningAlgorithm
Direct Known Subclasses:
DenyOverridesRuleAlg, FirstApplicableRuleAlg, PermitOverridesRuleAlg

public abstract class RuleCombiningAlgorithm
extends CombiningAlgorithm

The base type for all Rule combining algorithms.


Field Summary
Fields inherited from class com.sun.xacml.combine.CombiningAlgorithm
Constructor Summary
RuleCombiningAlgorithm( identifier)
          Constructor that takes the algorithm's identifier.
Method Summary
abstract  com.sun.xacml.ctx.Result combine(com.sun.xacml.EvaluationCtx context, java.util.List rules)
          Combines the rules based on the context to produce some unified result.
Methods inherited from class com.sun.xacml.combine.CombiningAlgorithm
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Constructor Detail


public RuleCombiningAlgorithm( identifier)
Constructor that takes the algorithm's identifier.

Method Detail


public abstract com.sun.xacml.ctx.Result combine(com.sun.xacml.EvaluationCtx context,
                                                 java.util.List rules)
Combines the rules based on the context to produce some unified result. This is the one function of a combining algorithm.

Specified by:
combine in class CombiningAlgorithm