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com.sun.xacml.finder.impl: Javadoc index of package com.sun.xacml.finder.impl.

Package Samples:

com.sun.xacml.finder.impl: The finder package supports all of the pieces of the XACML specification that require custom implementation.  


SelectorModule: This module implements the basic behavior of the AttributeSelectorType, looking for attribute values in the physical request document using the given XPath expression. This is implemented as a separate module (instead of being implemented directly in AttributeSelector so that programmers can remove this functionality if they want (it's optional in the spec), so they can replace this code with more efficient, specific code as needed, and so they can easily swap in different XPath libraries. Note that if no matches are found, this module will return an empty bag (unless some error occurred). The ...
CurrentEnvModule: Supports the current date, time, and dateTime values. The XACML specification states that these three values must always be available to a PDP. They may be included in the request, but if they're not, a PDP must be able to recognize the attribute and generate the correct value. The module provides support for this feature by generating real-time values as known at the host where this module is running. This class uses the caching functions of EvaluationCtx to make sure that values are constant within an evaluation, if that is the desired behavior.
FilePolicyModule: This module represents a collection of files containing polices, each of which will be searched through when trying to find a policy that is applicable to a specific request. Note: this module is provided only as an example and for testing purposes. It is not part of the standard, and it should not be relied upon for production systems. In the future, this will likely be moved into a package with other similar example and testing code.

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