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Package com.sun.xacml

Interface Summary
EvaluationCtx Manages the context of a single policy evaluation.
PolicyTreeElement This represents a single node in a policy tree.

Class Summary
AbstractPolicy Represents an instance of an XACML policy.
BasicEvaluationCtx A basic implementation of EvaluationCtx that is created from an XACML Request and falls back on an AttributeFinder if a requested value isn't available in the Request.
ConfigurationStore This class supports run-time loading of configuration data.
Indenter Provides flexible indenting for XML encoding.
MatchResult This is used as the return value for the various target matching functions.
Obligation Represents the ObligationType XML type in XACML.
PDP This is the core class for the XACML engine, providing the starting point for request evaluation.
PDPConfig This class is used as a container that holds configuration information for the PDP, which includes the AttributeFinder, PolicyFinder, and ResourceFinder that the PDP should use.
Policy Represents one of the two top-level constructs in XACML, the PolicyType.
PolicyReference This class is used as a placeholder for the PolicyIdReference and PolicySetIdReference fields in a PolicySetType.
PolicySet Represents one of the two top-level constructs in XACML, the PolicySetType.
Rule Represents the RuleType XACML type.
Target Represents the TargetType XML type in XACML.
TargetMatch Represents the SubjectMatch, ResourceMatch, or ActionMatch XML types in XACML, depending on the value of the type field.

Exception Summary
ParsingException Exception that gets thrown if any general parsing error occurs.
ProcessingException Runtime exception that's thrown if any unexpected error occurs.
UnknownIdentifierException Exception that gets thrown if an unknown identifier was used, such as the identifier used in any of the standard factories.