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com.sun.xacml.test: Javadoc index of package com.sun.xacml.test.

Package Samples:



TestPolicyFinderModule: A PolicyFinderModule used to handle all policies in the conformance tests. It supports retrevial for requests and for references, but is tightly coupled with the structure of the conformance tests, and is definately not thread-safe.
TestAttributeFinderModule: An AttributeFinderModule used to handle the example role attribute used by the conformance tests.
TestResourceFinderModule: A ResourceFinderModule used to handle the hierarchical resources in the conformance tests.
TestUtil: Simple utility class that provides some equality methods for testing whether evaluation results match.
BasicTest: A simple implementation of a single conformance test case.
Test: Simple interface that defines what a single test does.
TestDriver: Simple driver class that sets up and runs the tests.
BasicGroupTest: A basic implementation of a group of tests.

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