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com.sunwheeltech.sirius: Javadoc index of package com.sunwheeltech.sirius.

Package Samples:

com.sunwheeltech.sirius.filebrowser: Top-level package for javabean components derived from the Sirius GUI toolkit, a lightweight AWT-based widget set designed for Uncle Unc that is not dependent upon swing, although it can interoperate with it.


TreeBrowserEvent: Wrapper event type for Uncle Unc item tree events, that presents the affected item in the tree and the underlying event. It declkares te Item as its source, but also offers a convenience getter to avoid class casting. Can query the underlying event for its source if required.
GenericBrowserPanel: Generic top-level browser pane used as a common base for browser beans. It is abstract because it doesn't define a RootName to be used wen defining groups of coordinated components
FileBrowser: Top-level pane of the filebrowser component, for inspecting filesystems, and drilling into zip and jar files within them using a file-explorer-like graphical interface.
ObjectBrowser: Top-level pane of the objectbrowser component, for inspecting any live java object and its children members using a file-explorer-like graphical interface.
FilePropertyEditor: Property editor for File objects with a popup dialog for browsing filesystem or text input, to allow files not present on the debvelopment system
ResourceURLPropertyEditor: Property editor for resource URLs with a popup dialog for browsing filesystem or text input (e.g. to allow http, ftp urls)
GenericDialogPropertyEditor: Generic property editor where the property value is selected by browsing an Uncle Unc item tree.
SimpleReadOnlyPropertyEditor: Simple property 'editor' that displays current value of a read-only property
TreeBrowserListener: Listener that responds to TreeBrowserEvents

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