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common.log.* (5)

common: Javadoc index of package common.

Package Samples:



DataInspector: A DataInspector consumes a character stream from a Reader or InputStream and parses it into String , int , float , or boolean values as directed. It provides "get.." operations to consume the items, and "last.." operations to inspect them. Typically, terminal input could be handled: in = new DataInspector( ); in.getInt(); int first = in.lastInt(); in.getInt(); int second = in.lastInt(); System.out.println( "sum is "+ (first+second) ); [Note: This code was written by Graham Perkins. He didn't copyright it or even put his name on it, but I think he deserves to be credited.]
LoggerName: Static structure containing the class name of the logger. This may be overwritten at build time if loggers other than the default, no-dependency logger are required
Log4JLogger: A logger which uses the log4j library from jakarta. Each instance of this class acts as a wrapper to the log4j Logger class
Logger: Abstract wrapper class for the logging interface of choice. The methods declared here are the same as those for the log4j
NetworkProtocol: Constants specifying the components of the Market Analysis System network communication protocol
SimpleLogger: The default logger. Simple writes everything out to stdout or stderr
AssertionFailed: An exception thrown when an assert (from the Assert class) fails
Assert: Simple assertion mechanism for use during development
STProjectLoginContext: Simple login context for unit tests.
UTLoginContext: Simple login context for unit tests.
AllSystemTests: This class provides ...
AllUnitTests: This class provides ...

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