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Package Samples:


CommandLine: Represents the command line parameters as a searchable hashtable. This searches the command line parameters array for elements that start with '-' and uses them as a key. If the key is followed by an element that does not begin with '-' then the key is stored with that element as the value. If the key is not followed by an element that does not begin with '-' then the key is entered with a value of 'true', representing a boolean flag.
Logger: The Logger interface should be implemented by any class that wants to write log entries in a specific way. A class that has implemented the Logger interface can be registered with the Log class and receive log entries. The Logger class then writes the log entry according to its specific implementation.
Worker: Used to create controllable worker classes that needs to be run in a separate thread. Subclasses of this class need only to implement the run() method from the Runnable interface. Then call start to start the worker, and call stop to stop the worker.
DataNode: Data nodes are the default node type. A data node fully implements the Node interface. In general the DataNode class should be subclassed by other classes to take advantage of the features of the DataNode.
Log: Responsible for handling application requests for logging. A Logger instance is registered witht the Log, then when a write request is made, it is forwarded to each Logger that was registered.
Node: A node in a hierarchical collection of data. This interface allows applications to store and retrieve application data. This data is stored in memory while the application is running.
AbstractLogger: An abstract class that implements many of the needed features of the Logger interface. Most Loggers should subclass this class.
ViewNode: The ViewNode class is an implementation of the Node interface that allows any type of node to be used in a view structure.
BlockingQueue: A thread blocking queue that will block requesting threads when the queue is empty and when the queue is full.
FileSizeTask: This Ant task get the size of a specified file and stores it in the specified property.
NodeListModel: Uses a Node as the data model for a JTree .
NodeTreeModel: Uses a Node as the data model for a JTree .
RealNode: The interface for all nodes that do the actual containment of data.
LogSettings: Collection of constants that are used with the logging utility.
LogException: Thrown by the logging utility to indicate a logging problem.
LogEntry: Encapsulates the data that comprises a log entry.
Replacer: Replaces substrings within a string.
ThreadPool: A group of thread to use for work.
NodeListener: A listener to a Node.
Indenter: Indentation utility.
NodeEvent: A Node event.

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