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Uses of Class

Uses of BlockCipher in cryptix.jce.provider.cipher

Subclasses of BlockCipher in cryptix.jce.provider.cipher
 class Blowfish
          This class implements the Blowfish algorithm (standard, 16 round version).
 class CAST5
          CAST5 (a.k.a.
 class DES
          DES is a block cipher with an 8 byte block size.
 class IDEA
          IDEA is a block cipher with a key length of 16 bytes and a block length of 8 bytes.
 class MARS
          MARS is an AES candidate submitted by IBM.
 class RC2
 class RC6
          Simple implementation of Ron Rivest's RC6 cipher.
 class Rijndael
          Rijndael --pronounced Reindaal-- is a symmetric cipher with a 128-bit block size and variable key-size (128-, 192- and 256-bit).
 class Serpent
          A bit-slice implementation in Java of the Serpent cipher.
 class Square
          The Square algorithm.
 class TripleDES
          This class implements Triple DES EDE encryption with three independent keys.
 class Twofish
          Twofish is an AES candidate algorithm.

Fields in cryptix.jce.provider.cipher declared as BlockCipher
protected  BlockCipher Mode.cipher
          Underlying block cipher

Methods in cryptix.jce.provider.cipher with parameters of type BlockCipher
(package private) static Mode Mode.getInstance(java.lang.String mode, BlockCipher cipher)

Constructors in cryptix.jce.provider.cipher with parameters of type BlockCipher
ModeOFB(BlockCipher cipher)
ModeECB(BlockCipher cipher)
ModeCFB(BlockCipher cipher)
          Construct CFB mode with a feedback size equal to the block size of the underlying cipher.
ModeCFB(BlockCipher cipher, int feedbackSize)
          Construct CFB mode with the given feedback size.
ModeCBC(BlockCipher cipher)
Mode(BlockCipher cipher)
ModeOpenpgpCFB(BlockCipher cipher)