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cryptix.jce.provider.key: Javadoc index of package cryptix.jce.provider.key.

Package Samples:



RC4KeyGenerator: A key generator for RC4. Key length between 40 and 1024 bits inclusive (increments of 8). Default length is 128 bits. References: Andrew Roos <> (Vironix Software Laboratories), A Class of Weak Keys in the RC4 Stream Cipher , Preliminary draft posted to sci.crypt, 4th November 1997.
CAST5KeyGenerator: A key generator for CAST5. The CAST5 encryption algorithm has been designed to allow a key size that can vary from 40 bits to 128 bits, in 8-bit increments (that is, the allowable key sizes are 40, 48, 56, 64, ..., 112, 120, and 128 bits.
PBEKeyFactory: This is a KeyFactory for PBE. It converts key specs and secret keys into PBEKeys. It is based (as any cipher) on a service provider interface. This is SecretKeyFactorySpi as PBE ciphers are using secret key ciphers.
BlowfishKeyGenerator: A key generator for Blowfish. See Blowfish for details. Blowfish key length is between 40 and 448 bits inclusive, (8-bit increments).
SquareKeyGenerator: A key generator for Blowfish. IDEA keys are between 40 and 448 bits in length (8-bit increments).
SKIPJACKKeyGenerator: A key generator for SKIPJACK. SKIPJACK keys have a fixed length of 80 bits.
DESKeyFactory: This is the KeyFactory for DES. It translates key specs and secret keys into DESKeys.
RC2KeyGenerator: A key generator for RC2. FIXME: We only support 128-bit keys for now.
IDEAKeyGenerator: A key generator for IDEA. IDEA keys have a fixed length of 128 bits.
RawSecretKey: FIXME: make package protected. fix tests first.
TripleDESKeyGenerator: A key generator for TripleDES.
RijndaelKeyGenerator: Key generator for Rijndael.
HMACKeyGenerator: A key generator for HMACs.
SerpentKeyGenerator: Key generator for Serpent.
TwofishKeyGenerator: Key generator for Twofish.
DESKeyGenerator: A key generator for DES.
MARSKeyGenerator: Key generator for MARS.
RC6KeyGenerator: Key generator for RC6.

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