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Class PGPMarkerPacket  view PGPMarkerPacket download

  extended bycryptix.openpgp.packet.PGPPacket
      extended bycryptix.openpgp.packet.PGPDummyPacket
          extended bycryptix.openpgp.packet.PGPMarkerPacket

public class PGPMarkerPacket
extends PGPDummyPacket

The marker packet.

RFC 2440 says:

5.8. Marker Packet (Obsolete Literal Packet) (Tag 10)

 An experimental version of PGP used this packet as the Literal
 packet, but no released version of PGP generated Literal packets
 with this tag. With PGP 5.x, this packet has been re-assigned and is
 reserved for use as the Marker packet.

 The body of this packet consists of:

   - The three octets 0x50, 0x47, 0x50 (which spell "PGP" in UTF-8).

 Such a packet MUST be ignored when received.  It may be placed at
 the beginning of a message that uses features not available in PGP
 2.6.x in order to cause that version to report that newer software
 is necessary to process the message.

This implementation ignores this packet completely. It extends from PGPDummyPacket. When read, it does not check if the content is correct according to the above quote from RFC 2440. When you create a new packet though, it will insure it is correct.

$Revision: 1.2 $

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
          Empty constructor.
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Constructor Detail


public PGPMarkerPacket()
Empty constructor.

Initializes this packet with the default payload.

Remember to use setPacketID to set the packet ID.