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Package cryptix.openpgp.packet

Class Summary
PGPCompressedDataPacket "The Compressed Data packet contains compressed data.
PGPContainerPacket The PGPContainerPacket provides (or will provide) an infrastructure for an ordered list of packets.
PGPDummyPacket Placeholder for packets we don't know how to parse otherwise.
PGPEncryptedDataPacket Represents an encrypted data packet.
PGPIDPacket Abstract packet for IDentity packets (like user ID's).
PGPKeyPacket Generic superclass for all keypackets.
PGPLiteralDataPacket I'm currently implementing this class
PGPMarkerPacket The marker packet.
PGPModificationDetectionCodePacket This class has not been implemented yet.
PGPOnePassSignaturePacket A class representing a one-pass signature packet.
PGPPacket Superclass of all packets
PGPPacketConstants Class containing constants for all packets defined by OpenPGP and some others used by various implementations.
PGPPacketFactory A factory to read packets from a stream
PGPPublicKeyEncryptedSessionKeyPacket This class represents a session key, encrypted with a public key.
PGPPublicKeyPacket Packet representing a public (signing only or sign and encrypt) key
PGPPublicSubKeyPacket Packet representing a public (encryption only) subkey
PGPSecretKeyPacket Packet representing a secret (signing only or both encrypt and sign) key
PGPSecretSubKeyPacket Packet representing a secret (encryption only) subkey
PGPSessionKey Class representing a sessionkey and a symmetric key algorithm identifier
PGPSessionKeyPacket This class represents an encrypted session key packet.
PGPSignatureConstants Class containing constants for all signature types and signature subpackets defined by OpenPGP.
PGPSignaturePacket A packet representing a signature.
PGPSymmetricallyEncryptedDataPacket Document me.
PGPSymmetricallyEncryptedIntegrityProtectedDataPacket Document me.
PGPSymmetricKeyEncryptedSessionKeyPacket This class represents a session key.
PGPTrustPacket This class has not been implemented yet.
PGPUnknownPacket Placeholder for an unknown packet.
PGPUserIDPacket Packet containing a user ID