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cryptix.openpgp.util: Javadoc index of package cryptix.openpgp.util.

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PGPMPI: Read and write BigIntegers in a PGP compatible format. From RFC 2440 : 3.2. Multi-Precision Integers Multi-Precision Integers (also called MPIs) are unsigned integers used to hold large integers such as the ones used in cryptographic calculations. An MPI consists of two pieces: a two-octet scalar that is the length of the MPI in bits followed by a string of octets that contain the actual integer. These octets form a big-endian number; a big-endian number can be made into an MPI by prefixing it with the appropriate length. Examples: (all numbers are in hexadecimal) The string of octets [00 01 01] ...
PGPBase64: This class provides methods for encoding and decoding data in MIME base64 format. The input to the encode methods is always a byte array. Strictly speaking the output represents a sequence of characters, but since these characters are from a subset of both the Unicode and ASCII character repertoires, it is possible to express the output either as a String or as a byte array. References: RFC 2045, Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) Part One, Format of Internet Message Bodies , "Section 6.8 Base64 Content-Transfer-Encoding,"
PGPUpdateable: Interface for classes that have an 'update' method This class was created, because needs access to the update(..) method of a cryptix.openpgp.algorithm.PGPSigner class. Because is compiled before cryptix.openpgp.algorithm, the PGPSigner class can't be used directly, therefore this interface was created in the .util package, which is always compiled before .io and .algorithm. Changing compiling order would not have worked, because the classes in .algorithm use classes in .io
PGPDSAElGamalSignatureParser: Reads and writes DER encoded DSA and ElGamal signatures. DSA and ElGamal signatures are encoded by the JCA as a DER sequence of two ASN.1 INTEGER values like this: SEQUENCE { r INTEGER; s INTEGER }
PGPVersion: Represents the current version. The value in here will be replaced by the build system at compile time.
PGPArmoury: Methods for armouring and dearmouring of messages and other objects.
PGPCRC: CRC checksum as required by OpenPGP base64 encoded packets.
PGPCompare: Convenience methods to compare objects.
PGPHex: Hex utilities.

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