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Package cryptix.pki

Interface Summary
KeyBundleSelector A selector that defines which KeyBundles should be selected in a query.

Class Summary
CertificateBuilder A class for building a Certificate
CertificateBuilderSpi Service provider interface for CertificateBuilder
ExtendedCertificate Extensions for, which are common to all certificates.
ExtendedCertStore DOCUMENT ME
ExtendedCertStoreSpi DOCUMENT ME
ExtendedKeyStore DOCUMENT ME
ExtendedKeyStoreSpi DOCUMENT ME
KeyBundle A KeyBundle is a collection of keys, principals and certificates, which all logically belong together.
KeyBundleFactory A class for generating a KeyBundle
KeyBundleFactorySpi Service provider interface for KeyBundleFactory
KeyID A KeyID is an identification of a key, usually by a hash.
KeyIDFactory A class for generating a KeyID
KeyIDFactorySpi Service provider interface for KeyIDFactory
PrincipalBuilder A class for building a principal
PrincipalBuilderSpi Service provider interface for PrincipalBuilder
Support Support class for finding implementations of a particular algorithm or format within a provider.

Exception Summary
KeyBundleException This is the generic KeyBundle exception.
PrincipalException This is the generic Principal exception.