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cryptix.pki: Javadoc index of package cryptix.pki.

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KeyBundle: A KeyBundle is a collection of keys, principals and certificates, which all logically belong together. Here are a few suggestions on how to implement this class for existing public key structures: X.509 - an X.509 KeyBundle consists of just one certificate, together with the publickey and principal as returned by the getSubjectDN() method on X509Certificate. OpenPGP - an OpenPGP KeyBundle consists of one 'PGP key', which means: - one key object, the signing key. - one or more principal objects, which correspond to UserID's in OpenPGP (potentially also PhotoID objects). - one or more certificates, ...
Support: Support class for finding implementations of a particular algorithm or format within a provider. Taken from Cryptix JCE, package javax.crypto, cvs file version 1.5.
ExtendedCertificate: Extensions for, which are common to all certificates.
KeyBundleSelector: A selector that defines which KeyBundles should be selected in a query.
KeyID: A KeyID is an identification of a key, usually by a hash.
CertificateBuilderSpi: Service provider interface for CertificateBuilder
KeyBundleFactorySpi: Service provider interface for KeyBundleFactory
PrincipalBuilderSpi: Service provider interface for PrincipalBuilder
KeyIDFactorySpi: Service provider interface for KeyIDFactory
KeyBundleException: This is the generic KeyBundle exception.
PrincipalException: This is the generic Principal exception.
CertificateBuilder: A class for building a Certificate
KeyBundleFactory: A class for generating a KeyBundle
PrincipalBuilder: A class for building a principal
KeyIDFactory: A class for generating a KeyID
ExtendedCertStore: DOCUMENT ME
ExtendedCertStoreSpi: DOCUMENT ME
ExtendedKeyStore: DOCUMENT ME
ExtendedKeyStoreSpi: DOCUMENT ME

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