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cryptix.sasl.srp: Javadoc index of package cryptix.sasl.srp.

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CALG: A Factory class that returns CALG (Confidentiality Algorithm) instances that operate as described in the draft-burdis-cat-sasl-srp-04. Specifically the following description, from the specs, is relevant: The designated CALG block cipher should be used in OFB (Output Feedback Block) mode in the ISO variant, as described in [16], algorithm 7.20. Let k be the block size of the chosen symmetric cipher algorithm; e.g. for AES this is 128 bits or 16 octets. The OFB mode used shall be of length/size k. It is recommended that Block ciphers operating in OFB mode be used with an Initial Vector (the mode's ...
PasswordFile: The Cryptix implementation of the SRP password files. For SRP, there are three (3) files: The password configuration file: tpasswd.conf. It contains the pairs indexed by a number for each pair used for a user. By default, this file's pathname is constructed from the base password file pathname by prepending it with the ".conf" suffix. The base password file: tpasswd. It contains the related password entries for all the users with values computed using SRP's default message digest algorithm: SHA-1 (with 160-bit output block size). The extended password file: tpasswd2. Its name is ALWAYS constructed ...
SRPDigest: The SRP protocol does not disallow the use of digest algorithms other than SHA. This object encapsulates the concrete implementation of the Message Digest Algorithm instance used by an incarnation of an SRP agreement.
SRP: A Factory class that returns SRP Singletons that know all SRP-related mathematical computations and protocol-related operations for both the client- and server-sides.
SRPParams: The following is a list of key names designating the values exchanged between the server and client in an SRP communication authentication phase.
IALG: A Factory class that returns IALG (Integrity Algorithm) instances that operate as described in the draft-burdis-cat-sasl-srp-04.
SRPClient: The Cryptix implementation of an SM2-capable client-side SASL-SRP mechanism.
SRPServer: The Cryptix implementation of an SM2-capable server-side SASL-SRP mechanism.
SRPContext: A class that wraps SASL Security Context parameters for an SRP mechanism.
SRPAuthInfoProvider: The SRP mechanism authentication information provider implementation.
SRPUtil: A SRP-specific utility class.
SRPSecretKey: The SRP session key.

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