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HTMLNode: This class represents a single node within an HTML tree. Each node has a name, zero or more attributes and possibly some content. Nodes can appear within the content of other nodes. End tags do not appear since they only indicate 'end-of-content'. To prevent the system searching for the end of standalone tags, a dynamic list has been implemented. When the HTMLNode class is resolved a setup method is called adding a set of default standalone tags to the list. Standalone tags can then be added and removed dynamically using static method calls. The list is the only way the internal code can tell whether ...
HTMLTree: This class stores an HTML file in tree format. It can be constructed from an HTMLTokenizer or a file name, in which case it will create its own tokenizer. Once the HTML file has been parsed a number of search operations can be performed. The nature of the searches are described below, but some of their uses are highlighted here: Subtree - Finding all of the FORM elements within a BODY element. Sibling - Finding all the LI elements within the same UL element. All - Finding every occurence of the A element. There is also a context search, which performs a subtree search on the specified element's ...
HTMLTokenizer: This class tokenizes a stream of HTML tags and blocks of text. After the stream has been tokenized an Enumeration of tokens can be accessed.
TagToken: This represents a single HTML tag. Each TagToken has a name and a list of attributes and values.
AttributeList: This class represents the attribute list of an tag.
TextToken: This represents a block of text.

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